Be careful: Covid pneumonia is happening to the patients due to the new strain of Corona, these are the symptoms, know who is most at risk.


The second wave of Coronavirus has broken into havoc in India. Every day a large number of people are getting infected with this virus. At the same time, oxygen shortage and lack of beds are being seen continuously in many hospitals of the country. In such a situation, many patients are losing their lives due to a lack of timely treatment. At the same time, Kovid pneumonia is being found in the patients who are being preyed on by the new strain of Corona. So let us tell you about it in detail.

There is a difference between Kovid pneumonia and pneumonia

Covid pneumonia and common pneumonia are usually the same. But people who have covid pneumonia have infections in both their lungs. At the same time, most infections occur in one lung in patients with common pneumonia. Doctors identify covid pneumonia by CT scan and X-ray.

These are the symptoms

Symptoms of covid pneumonia are similar to those of common pneumonia. It includes fever, chills or sore throat, shortness of breath, chest pain, and tiredness of the body as well. At the same time, its severe symptom may be shortness of breath. At the same time, the face color changes or heartbeat changes, then you should immediately go to the doctor.

These people are at greater risk of getting

Kovid pneumonia is more at risk for people who are older or more than 65 years old, medical staff is more likely to suffer, people who are suffering from lung disease, asthma, or heart disease. Patients with liver or diabetes, patients with cancer or patients with HIV, and those with obesity or weak immunity are at the highest risk of developing pneumonia.

These are the remedies

To avoid Kovid pneumonia, you must-

- The hands should be washed.

- Wages should be maintained and cleanliness should be maintained.

-Keep your own immunity strong.

Eat healthy food and get sleep.

-Also, if you have any serious illness then you should contact the doctor immediately.

Note: This article has been prepared based on a conversation with Dr. Shivalakshmi (AIIMS). Shivalakshmi is a very well-known doctor.

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