Bay leaf is a panacea drug for patients of diabetes, it has many more benefits


Diabetes is a disease called slow poison. If the most afflicted anywhere in the world, then it is India. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of diabetes patients in India by 2019 was 7.7 crore. Now, this number must have increased. Recently, there was a report that diabetes patients are coming under the grip of coronavirus and due to this their risk of death has also increased. Although diabetes cannot be eradicated completely, it can be controlled by trying medicines or home remedies. These domestic remedies also include the consumption of bay leaves. This not only benefits diabetes patients but also has many other benefits.

Bay leaf is beneficial for type-2 diabetes patients

The use of bay leaves is very beneficial for type-2 diabetes patients. This helps in maintaining the blood sugar level normal. It also benefits the heart. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes must take it.

Can overcome the problem of eyes

The bay leaf, also known as a Malabar leaf, is found to be vitamin-A and vitamin-C, and you may be aware that vitamin-A works to remove the problems associated with our eyes while vitamin-C in the body is white. Helps in maintaining the number of blood cells. Actually, white blood cells strengthen the immunity of the body.

Bay leaves make the digestive system strong

The use of bay leaves is very beneficial for digestive problems. It relieves many stomach problems. Its use can relieve problems like constipation, acidity, and torsion. You can also consume it with morning tea.

Bay leaf is very beneficial for good sleep

If you are troubled by the problem of sleeplessness, drink a few drops of bay leaf oil mixed with water before sleeping. This will make you sleep well.

Relief in kidney problems

If you are troubled by kidney problems, then boil the bay leaves and drink that water after cooling it. This provides considerable relief in kidney stones and other related problems.

Bay leaf gives relief in pain

If you are suffering from headache or body pain, bay leaf oil can prove to be beneficial for you. Massage with its oil can give relief to a great extent.