Battle with Corona : Answers to all questions related to vaccination in pregnancy, know in detail here


To protect against corona infection, the pace of vaccination has been accelerated across the country. In this sequence, vaccination of pregnant women has also started from July 23 in many states of the country. Due to the non-availability of data on the effect of the vaccine on pregnant women, such women were so far excluded from the country's Kovid vaccination protocol. However, now during the trial, Kovid vaccines have been found suitable for pregnant women as well. According to the new rules, many pregnant women can now get vaccinated by choosing one of the two indigenous vaccines available in India - Covaccine, and Covishield.

According to gynecologists, pregnant women are more prone to infection than other people, so vaccination is very important for them. Studies have found that the vaccine has no side effects on the unborn baby, so the vaccine can be considered safe and effective in every way.

Let us know all the important things related to vaccination during pregnancy in the following slides.

Why Vaccine is Important for Pregnant?

The Health Ministry mentioned that corona infection during pregnancy, especially having asymptomatic symptoms, increases the risk of serious diseases. This infection condition can also affect the fetus. In view of such dangers, all pregnant women are advised to get vaccinated. Pregnant women, especially those over the age of 35, who are obese or already have serious health problems, may be at higher risk of serious complications from coronavirus. Vaccination can be very helpful in keeping you safe from these problems. Being infected with corona can also increase the risk of premature labor and death of the child at birth.

How safe is vaccination?

Since pregnant women were initially excluded from the immunization program, there are questions in the minds of people that how safe is the Kovid vaccine in pregnancy? In this regard, the Ministry of Health says that women can feel free to get vaccinated, studies have found vaccines to be very beneficial. However, like normal people, pregnant women can have side effects such as mild fever and pain at the injection site. There is no need to worry about them, they automatically get cured in a day or three.

When can the vaccine be taken during pregnancy?

According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccine can be taken at any time during pregnancy, try to take it as soon as possible. If a pregnant woman has a covid infection, she can get the vaccine post-delivery. However, if a pregnant woman has recently been infected with severe covid, or if she has symptoms of allergy or any other risk, consult a doctor before getting vaccinated.

Will there be any effect on the child?

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the vaccine is completely safe. Vaccination during pregnancy does not have any side effects on the unborn baby. It has also become clear in many studies that after getting the corona vaccine, one can breastfeed regularly. Yes, studies are still being done about whether vaccination can lead to the development of antibodies against corona in the newborn?

Note: This article has been prepared based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. It is considered advisable to consult a doctor before getting vaccinated during pregnancy.

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