Baking soda's DIY face mask is beneficial for removing acne and pimple


Baking soda and honey are beneficial for the skin, as they can eliminate dead skin cells. Ski Baking Soda DIY DIY Mask

It is common to have acne, pimple, and blackheads on the face, but to get rid of it we use many beauty products. Do you know that such medicines are already available in our house, by which we can overcome our skin problems soon? Here we are talking about baking soda and honey, which can balance the skin's PH level. Honey makes our skin glowing and baking soda eliminates dead skin cells. Here we will tell you how you can make a DIY face mask with honey and baking soda and what are its benefits.

How to make a face mask of honey and baking soda?

To get rid of glowing skin and pimples you need 2 teaspoons baking soda, 2 teaspoons honey, and a facial brush. Now add baking soda and honey to a bowl and mix properly. For a better effect of this mixture, you can leave it on for 20 minutes. Now wash the face thoroughly and apply a face mask with the help of a brush, after 10 minutes wash the face with water. Baking soda can be harsh on the skin, so do not apply it for long.

Get rid of acne

Baking soda has the properties of removing pimples and acne, which are better for the skin. If you have stubborn acne or stains on your skin, baking soda and honey will work to eliminate them. Honey is added to this DIY face mask because it removes stubborn stains and makes skin glowing. You can apply this mask twice a week to get rid of acne.

Moisturize skin with honey

Honey has naturally hydrating properties and baking soda is anti-inflammatory. The Redness of the skin is less so, but it also works to make the skin Moisturized, Cleansing, and soft. If you have been suffering from skin redness and dryness for a long time, then this DIY face mask will help you. Also, you should avoid using baking soda for long or continuous.

Get rid of oily skin

Baking soda and honey reduces the excess oil of the skin and helps to maintain balance. Baking soda can make the skin drier, so honey has been added to the DIY face mask which retains the skin's natural moisture. Apart from this, honey and baking soda can also be effective for normal skin. This DIY is better for reducing blemishes and glowing skin.

Remove blackheads from baking soda

Blackheads are common on the face, but baking soda can be a panacea for them. Removes blackheads and also eradicates dark spots on the skin. But keep in mind that you must use honey with it because only baking soda can be harsher on the skin. Baking soda and honey balances the pH level of your skin and eliminates the bacteria in pores.

Image Credit: freepik