Back to Work Precautions: Going to the office after lockdown, so keep these things in mind


The havoc of the second wave of coronavirus has stopped for the time being, and in such a situation, the situation seems to be normalizing to some extent. From metro to government and private offices have opened. After a long lockdown, the pace of Corona has undoubtedly been slowed down, but the danger is not over yet. More than 65 thousand cases of corona are still being reported daily in the country, so if you are going to work then go a little cautiously.

Until this virus is completely eradicated, we have to make a habit of living with this virus. We have to plan our daily routine in such a way that we can go to the office and public places safely. To avoid corona, you will have to make your bag a little heavy, so that you cannot depend on office supplies for your needs. Remember you don't have to be afraid of Corona, just protect yourself. If you are going to the office during this period, then definitely take these precautions.

  • Thermal scanning is mandatory in offices, as well as sanitizing the office daily, yet you need to protect yourself. Always use a mask in the office. Do not remove the mask from the mouth even during a conversation with friends.
  • Keep hand sanitizer or paper soap with you. Take lunch from home, change the habit of eating outside, carry a bottle of water and essential medicines.
  • Before keeping the laptop and mobile, clean the desk.
  • Keep most of your belongings in a zip lop pouch, so that your things do not get caught by the virus.
  • Do not share stationery items with anyone in the office.
  • Carry everyday items like earphones, chargers, power banks, and laptop chargers with you.
  • If you have a habit of drinking tea and coffee in the office, then take tea bags, etc. with you from home.
  • Carry lotion or moisturizer with you. Hands become dry due to excessive use of sanitizer, then you can use moisturizer.
  • Keep a distance of 6 feet from coworkers.