Ayurvedic tips are effective for many diseases ranging from fatigue to flatulence


Headache, flatulence, and heavy cramps are common in periods. To avoid such problems, it is not necessary that you have to take medicines every time. While sharing a post on his Instagram, Dr. Varalakshmi said that to avoid common ailments, you can adopt Ayurvedic prescriptions. After a day's running and working, body pain often starts. To avoid this, we take a pain killer, but sometimes it can harm health. Many such diseases can be avoided by adopting Ayurvedic methods, so let's know about it.

Fatigue and body aches

When you have to work all day and are engaged in running, then there is a problem of pain in the body. To avoid this, you can massage them by applying hot ghee or oil to the feet. Doctor Varalakshmi told that if you have a feeling of fatigue, heat mustard, or any oil, and massage the feet for about 15 minutes. Not only this, by applying oil on the feet in winter and cold too, getting relief soon after sleeping.

Ginger for headache

Headache is a very common problem and nowadays everyone has to deal with it from small to big. Dr. Varalakshmi has described this as a panacea treatment, you can relax by applying the dry ginger paste to your forehead. Doing this will reduce the headache and you will be energetic. Ayurvedic medicine is also found rich in a dry ginger and it provides better benefits than fresh ginger.

Constipation problem

Most people experience constipation and sore throat when the weather changes. To avoid this, you can drink a spoonful of ghee in a glass of milk before bedtime. This will not only relieve constipation but will also eliminate the toxins of the body. Many people believe that drinking milk at night causes stomach ache, but Dr. Varalakshmi said that you can consume hot milk at night.

Flatulence problem

Flatulence, the poor digestive system is a very common problem. But if you want to get rid of it, you can chew fennel after eating food. By doing this daily, your health will be good and the digestive system will be better. If you have problems with flatulence, you can chew fennel and include it in your routine. You can also add mishri to make it even better.

Effective in periods

In periods, most women experience back pain, abdominal pain, and cramps. To avoid this, Dr. Varalakshmi has given special advice that you can drink fennel tea. This keeps the body healthy, but not too many cramps. You can drink fennel tea once a day to get rid of the pain caused by periods. Besides, celery and cumin water reduce the pain of periods.

Image Credit: freepik