Awesome: 42 billion dinosaurs ruled the earth for millions of years, the study revealed a shocking secret


Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. During this time various species of dinosaurs were found on Earth. Many of them were vegetarian and many were non-vegetarians. According to the study of scientists, about 6.6 million years ago, an asteroid as large as the size of a city collided with the Earth. This tucker was so terrible that it led to the extinction of 75 percent of life on Earth, along with dinosaurs. A study in this sequence has revealed shocking. According to the study, 42 billion dinosaurs ruled the earth for millions of years.

The study was carried out by scientists at the University of California at Berkeley. They studied a species of dinosaur named Tyrannosaurus (T-rex) based on size, energy requirements, and sexual maturity. They found that it had been alive for about 1 lakh 27 thousand generations. Based on this, he said that their total number on earth would have been between 14 crores and 42 billion. On average, this number was 2.5 billion.

The head of this study, Charles Marshall, said that this estimate of the study would prove to be very important for the coming researches. According to him, dinosaurs also had strong jaws and many teeth. Let us tell you that Charles Marshall is the director of the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

According to Marshall's study, this population of dinosaurs roamed North America. His team used biology rules to find the numbers of dinosaurs. According to this rule, the larger the animal, the smaller the population. After this, the team also found out how much energy was needed for the T-Rex to be alive. He also estimated the population density of dinosaurs during the research. On this strength, he published his findings in Science Journal.

This research also revealed that T rex used to become sexually mature between the ages of 14 and 17. The dinosaurs of this species had a maximum age of 28 years. Charl Marshall also reported that 100 T-Rex fossils have been discovered so far from various regions.