Astrology Tips: Do not do these 5 things even in the evening, otherwise poverty will always be there


Even after working hard many times, we do not get success in life. In such a situation, some habits of the person are responsible for this. Such habits can put you in trouble. Today we have brought you the list of things not to be done during the evening.

In the morning as well as in the evening, there is the grace of Goddess Lakshmi in the home. Therefore, this time must open its doors or else Mother Lakshmi comes home and returns.

It is forbidden to break basil leaves in the evening. According to the scriptures, at this time Tulsi Ji goes to perform Leela. Therefore, they should not touch hands, or else there is no progress in life. At this time it is auspicious to perform aarti of Tulsi Mata by lighting a lamp of ghee.

One should never eat food in the evening because eating at this time deteriorates health. Due to this we also get many types of diseases.

According to Vastu, sleeping in the evening is considered inauspicious. Due to this, there is a risk of poverty and disease at home.

Transacting money in the evening time is considered inauspicious. Lakshmi gets annoyed with this, so avoid transacting at this time.