Astrology: These measures of alum will change your luck!


Alum is used as an antiseptic in most homes. But alum can be used not only for medicinal properties but also for astrological remedies. These tricks remove negativity from your life and open the way to progress. We are going to tell you about such measures.

Keep alum in a black cloth and tie it on the main gate of the shop or office. Doing this will not only remove negative energy. You will have quadrupled growth.

If you have nightmares while sleeping, then tie a piece of alum in a black cloth. Then put it under the pillow and slept. With this you will get rid of bad dreams.

To remove Vastu defects, put 50 grams of alum in a bowl or box and keep it hidden in any corner of the house, shop or office. But keep in mind that it is not visible to anyone. This will end the troubles in life with the fixing of Vastu defects.