ASTROLOGY: In this way, Ganges water can open the locks of your destiny!


1. According to astrology and Vastu, you should offer Ganga water to Shiva. This eliminates the troubles of life and gives happiness to the human being. Man can attain salvation by this.

2. You can use Ganga water even if there are quarrels in the house and there is fighting in the house. You should sprinkle Ganga water in your house, shop, factory, or office every morning after worship.

3. According to Vastu, you can also get rid of debt by keeping Ganga water at home. For this, put Gangajal in a brass bottle and keep it at the northeast angle of your room.

4. A bath of Ganga water can keep you free from many diseases. Its miraculous properties help to sharpen intelligence and increase immunity.

5. Offer Gangajal in a brass pot and offer it to Shiva. Later, offer biepatra and lotus flower in it and offer it to Mahadev. This will remove problems related to business and jobs.