Astrology: If you want to get money, then follow these measures of Feng Shui


Like the astrological shastra in Feng Shui, there are many such measures which are adopted for good luck. Today we are going to tell you about some similar measures of Feng Shui that attract money.

* Place coins on the window to attract money.

* Place a Welcome Mat with the word Welcome on the front door to attract love and luck.

* Water is an essential element, which is associated with wealth and abundance. The water should be clean, clean, and flowing, avoid any water blockage at any cost.

* Use the right colors to attract money. According to Feng Shui, red and green are the most effective colors for attracting money. Apart from these, you can also try purple, black and golden colors.

* Good Luck Bamboo also attracts money along with 'Money Plant'. It cleans the house air. Take special care of this that both of them should be given enough light and space so that their energy remains alive.