Astrology: If you want to avoid bad times then do these remedies at home!


If you live in extreme anxiety due to many troubles in life, then we are going to tell you the remedies related to cloves that can make your life easier. So let's know about these remedies.

- Light a lamp with mustard oil and add 2 cloves to it. Now perform the aarti of Hanumanji with this. Do these remedies daily. This will avert bad times and you will avoid evil.

- If you have negative energy in your house, then burn 2 camphor in the morning and add 2 cloves to it. You have to rotate it all over the house. This will solve your problems.

- If you want success in any important work, then by putting 4 cloves on top of the lemon, chant the Mantra Hanumate Namah 21 times and take that lemon with you.