ASTROLOGY: How peacock feathers can change your life? Click here to know


1. If your child is stubborn, then put a peacock feather in the ceiling fan of his room. When the fan moves and the child will feel the wind, then gradually their stubbornness will start to decrease.

2. Peacock and snake have enmity. The snake is formed by the combination of Saturn and Rahu. Therefore, Rahu dosha does not bother by placing peacock feathers on the east and northwest wall of the house.

3. If enemies are bothering you, then write the name of the enemy on Tuesday or Saturday night from the vermilion of Hanuman Ji's head on the peacock feather and put it in the house temple, and drain it in the water without bathing in the morning.

5. Peacock can also help in completing stuck work. With this, you will also get wealth and fame. Establish a peacock in the Radhakrishna temple. Worship him every day for 40 days. After this keep it in a locker. This will start increasing your wealth.