ASTROLOGY: Do these 5 measures on Friday, Laxmi and money will stay in the house forever!


In Hinduism, Friday is considered to be the day of Lakshmi. Those who observe fast on this day have all their wishes fulfilled and there is a joy of peace in their home. It is very easy to please the goddess of wealth.

Therefore, today we have brought such measures for you, which if you adopt on Friday, then you will always have the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

You should feed fresh bread to the cow every Friday. With this, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi will always remain.

Always keep cleanliness in the house. With this, Lakshmi will reside in the house. Also, never sweep the house in the evening, because of this the Lakshmi of the house goes out.

You should meditate on Mother on Friday with five red-colored flowers in hand. Then bowing to Laxmiji, keep them in the cupboard. Lakshmi Ji will be inhabited by this.

To fulfill all your wishes, offer a lotus flower to Lakshmi. She is very fond of lotus flowers. Apart from this, pink-colored flowers should be used in their worship.

Donate white things such as flour, rice, or white clothes to a poor or needy person on Friday. By this, the grace of mother remains on you.