Astro Tips: Click here to know if broken glass is auspicious or inauspicious!


Many times, unknowingly the glass kept in the house is broken. But when the glass is broken in the house, we suspect that it is auspicious or inauspicious. We Indians believe in these things very much and hence we show great interest to know them as well. Today we are going to give you information about whether the breaking of glass according to Vastu is auspicious or inauspicious.


According to Vastu, the breakdown of glass indicates a great crisis in the family. But on the contrary, some people also say that it is good to break the glass because it takes the trouble to come and breaks it. This makes the family safe.

What to do if the glass is broken

When we look in the glass, it is said that at that time we see our soul. In such a situation, the soul dies due to the breaking of the glass, due to which that person may have to face trouble or some trouble. In such a situation, a person should see his shadow in the pool made in a garden, this removes the crisis.

Do not keep broken glass in the house

If the glass breaks, it should not be kept in the house. This glass works by spreading negative energy at home. In such a situation, he should be thrown out of the house immediately after breaking.

Do not buy such glass,

if you buy glass for a home, do not ever buy a round or oval glass. This converts the positive energy present in the house into negative. It is good to put a square-shaped mirror in the house and its frame should not be too garish.