Are you spending time on social media leaving your partner in lockdown? So be careful today onwards


Corona period is going on in the country, due to which many innocent people are falling prey to it and many people are losing their lives. In such a situation, a lockdown has been imposed in many states to prevent the havoc of the virus, due to which people are imprisoned in their homes. In such a situation, if you are a couple and you are spending time on social media leaving your partner, then this social media can create bitterness in your loving relationship. So let's know-how.

The social media attack on the relationship

Actually, we are always busy with our work. In such a situation, we are unable to give enough time to our partner and our family. In such a situation, if we get time to stay at home on the pretext of lockdown, then we should not waste this time on social media and spend this time with our partner.

Raising suspicion

When we spend more time on social media than a limit, then there can be doubts in the partner's mind. Many times the partner starts to think about what is on social media, which they are always engaged. At the same time, sometimes the suspicion increases so much that the partner also starts having doubts like another affair, which can spoil the relationship.

The beginning of lying

Many people are engaged on social media, and instead of spending time with their partners, spend a lot of time on social media. In such a situation, many people even lie to their partners. When they are asked what you are doing on a mobile or laptop, they make an excuse for some work. This leads to the beginning of lying.

Creating distances

When we start spending time on social media, we keep away from our partners because we spend most of the time on social media. This leads to the distance between the partner and you. In such a situation, if you are at home in lockdown, then you should also give full time to your partner so that your relationship can improve.