Ants have camped at home, so get rid of them with the help of these easy measures!



Ants do not like the aroma of lemon. Use the lemon peel to drive ants out of the house. Where there are ants, put lemon peels on them. The ants will run away.

Bay leaf

There are both red and black ants in the house, so you can use bay leaves to get rid of these ants, the scent of bay leaves is not able to bear the ants, and runs away from them.


Keep the cloves in the sugar box, so that there will never be any ants in the sugar box, ants are often quickly found in sweet things.


Take water equivalent to vinegar in a vessel. Now wipe with this water on the paths through which ants go inside the house. Doing so will clear pheromones and ants will wander their way.