Also know: What does the CT value mean in the corona test, how to know that the report is negative or positive?


The second wave of the Corona epidemic in the country is uncontrollable. Now the infection has spread from village to village too. Last year, the situation was not as bad as it is today. However, there is still a lot of emphasis on testing and millions of corona tests are being done every day because the infection can be prevented from spreading as much as possible. At this time, the RT-PCR test is considered the most reliable way to detect infection. This is an important part of the process of the test, which is called the CT value. Let's know everything about it ...

Before understanding the CT value, let us know what is the RT-PCR test? Experts say RT-PCR means reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. Since the corona is an RNA virus, the patient's swab sample is first taken for testing and then converted into DNA. A chain reaction is then carried out in that DNA to determine whether the virus is present in the sample. Now let us know what is the CT value?

What is CT value?

Experts say that the chain reaction cycle has to be repeated repeatedly to detect the presence of the virus in the sample. This is called the CT value. A CT value means a cycle threshold value, which is a number.

How is the CT value calculated?

The Indian Council of Medical Research, ie ICMR, has set the CT value 35 to confirm the coronavirus in a test sample. This means that the chain reaction cycle is repeated a maximum of 35 times. If the coronavirus is detected within these 35 cycles, then it means that you are corona positive and if the virus is not found even for 35 cycles, then understand that your test report is negative.

Now you may be wondering if chain reaction is done 35 times in all test samples? So the answer is no because in many samples the virus is detected only after eight to ten cycles, while in many people the presence of the virus after 30–32 cycles is detected.

Is the CT value low or good?

If the virus is detected early in the sample, that is, only after 8-10 cycles, it means that the viral load is high and if the virus is detected after more cycles, it simply means that The person has a high viral load. If the virus is found in 10 cycles, it means that the CT value is 10 and if 35 cycles are found then the CT value is 35.

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