Alia Bhatt's Skin Secrets: 5 Skin Care Secrets Of Alia Bhatt That Will Give You Healthy And Glowing Skin


Alia Bhatt is such an actress in the Hindi film industry, who is not interested in any introduction. Apart from her strong performance on screen, the actress has won everyone's heart with her candid pictures on social media. Apart from this, this actress is also impressing her fans with her fashion sense. Alia's fans not only take inspiration from her fashion but are also interested to know her beauty secrets. Alia often shares tips and tricks for her fans through social media.

If you too want to know the secret behind Alia's beauty, then we have shortlisted her 5 skincare secrets that you should try too.

Always use sunscreen

Alia never leaves the house without applying sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays. Apart from this, it also prevents many skin-related problems.

Use a mild face cleanser for the face

Alia told that she cleans her face with a mild cleanser after returning home. So that the dust, oil, and makeup on the face can be easily removed. If you want better results, double cleansing before toner and serum.

Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated

In an interview, Alia had told the secret behind her glowing skin to Pani. She had said that she drinks a lot of water so that her body remains hydrated and the glow remains intact. If you keep the body hydrated from the inside, then your skin complexion will improve and the problems related to the skin will also go away. Therefore, along with drinking water, moisturizers should also be applied.

Use herbal makeup wipes to remove makeup

Alia never sleeps without removing her makeup. Sleeping with makeup on not only damages your pillow but also damages the skin. You can use herbal makeup wipes to clean the face.

Don't forget to use serum

You can use cleansers, toners, and moisturizers as well as serums and essences in your skin routine. With this, your skin will not age prematurely and will remain soft and young.