Alert: Excessive consumption of lemonade can give harm instead of benefit, these problems may occur


With the onset of the summer season, many problems like lethargy, sweating, tiredness start appearing. In such a situation, people take many measures to keep themselves fresh. At the same time, many people drink cold lemon water to avoid the scorching sun and heat. While on the one hand lemon waterworks to give relief to the person in summer, on the other hand, lemon water also works to give many benefits to the body. Whereas, during the Corona period, the use of lemon increased a lot, because lemon is considered helpful in increasing immunity. By consuming lemon mixed with water, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C are available to the person's body, which is beneficial for the body. But do you know that excessive consumption of lemon can harm a person instead of benefit? Probably not, so let's know what harm can be caused by this.

stomach upset may occur

When we eat more or heavy food, then many people consume lemon juice. Doing this helps in acid digestion. But sometimes due to excess acid in the stomach, a person's stomach can also get upset. That's why we can do that by mixing lemon in our food and eating it so that we do not have any problem.

dental problems

Excessive consumption of lemon water can be harmful to our white and healthy teeth. Many studies suggest that excessive consumption of lemonade can damage the teeth. This is because lemon contains citrus acid, which in contact with the teeth can make the teeth sensitive. Therefore, lemonade should be drunk with the help of a straw.

Excess of iron in the blood is harmful

Vitamin C is found in very high amounts in lemon. At the same time, when we consume lemon, vitamin C encourages the process of absorption of iron in our bodies. Excess of Vitamin-C in the body can prove to be dangerous. In addition, it can also damage the internal organs of the body. Therefore, we should avoid excessive consumption of lemon.

Dehydration can be a problem

Drinking lemon water often leads to the problem of urination, due to which dehydration can occur in the body. This is because when you urinate frequently after consuming lemon water, elements like electrolytes and sodium are also flushed out from the body. At the same time, excessive removal of them leads to the problem of dehydration in the person.

Note: Priya Pandey is a qualified and experienced Dietician (Dietician). He joined CSJM of Kanpur. B.Sc in Human Nutrition from University has done. He has worked as a Dietician in Abha Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur. He has also participated in GSVM Medical College as the representative of the subject of nutrition lectures. He has a long experience of 8 years in this field.

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