Ajab-Gazab : The story of a mysterious temple in Rajasthan, where people do not stop even at night.


There are many such temples around the world, which have many secrets in themselves. Some temple is famous for its amazing construction, some because of its strange events. Especially in India, there is a lot of such mysterious temples. You will find some temples in every corner of the country. Today we are going to tell you about a temple from where people run away at dusk. No one wants to stay here at night even after forgetting it. The reason behind this is said that whoever stays here at night, becomes of stone.

Actually, we are talking about Kiradu Temple, which is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. Kiradu Temple is also known as Khajuraho of Rajasthan. Built-in the South Indian style, this temple is famous worldwide for its architecture. It is said that the name of this place was 'Kirat Kup' in 1161 BC.

Kiradu is a series of five temples, of which only the Vishnu temple and the Shiva temple (Someswara temple) are in good condition, while the rest are in ruins. No one knows who built these temples, but looking at the structure of the temples, it is estimated that they may have been built during the period of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty of the south, the Sangam dynasty, or the Gupta dynasty.

It is believed that many years ago a Siddha Sadhu came to Kiradu along with some of his disciples. One day he left his disciples and went for a tour somewhere. Meanwhile, a disciple's health deteriorated. After this, the rest of the disciples sought help from the villagers, but no one helped them.

Later, when Siddha Sadhus came there, they came to know about everything. He got angry about this and cursed the villagers that after sunset everyone would turn into stone.

There is also a belief that a woman had helped the disciples of the monk, so that hermit had asked the woman to leave the village before dusk and not look back, but the woman did not listen and started looking back. After which she became of stone. The idol of that woman is also installed at some distance from the temple.