Ajab-Gazab : The story of a mysterious pit, whose depth has not been guessed till date, people say 'gate of hell'


Many such strange events happen in the world, which leaves people by surprise. Some similar mysterious incidents also happen in Hauska Castle in the Czech Republic. It is said that there is a mysterious pit here, whose depth has not been measured to date. It is also said that this pit is so deep that it goes straight to hell. Hauska Castle was built between 1253 and 1278.

Actually, the purpose of the villagers living here behind building this house was to cover the mysterious pit, whose depth is infinite. Let us tell you that people call it the 'gate of hell'. Local people believed that after sunset, terrible creatures came out of this mysterious pit. Those black-feathered creatures were half human and half animal and they roamed all over the country.

It is said about this mysterious pit that in the 13th century, a condition was placed before a prisoner that his sentence would be forgiven, but he would have to come after seeing how deep this pit is.

After accepting the condition, he was tied with a rope and lowered to the bottom of that dark pit, but after a few seconds, the sound of his screaming came. When the prisoner was taken out, he was almost old. His age was several years older than normal.

People working inside Hausaka Castle often claim that they hear strange noises on the ground floor of the building. Many times people who come to visit here have also heard the sounds of screaming.

The owner of this house also claims that he has personally witnessed some paranormal activities within the building. Once he was partying inside the house with his friends when the glasses on his dinner table suddenly started flying in the air. Seeing this, everyone's senses were blown away and they immediately ran away from there.