Ajab-Gazab: The story of a house made of seagrass, which helps in increasing the oxygen level


Due to global warming, the movement inside the earth is increasing continuously. In such a situation, more than one natural calamity like earthquakes and floods are coming to the fore. Now keeping these disasters in mind, experts are emphasizing on making such houses, in which despite the less use of iron-cement, they are more durable. Because such houses do not harm the environment either. Let us tell you that a special kind of house is made from seaweed eelgrass on the Danish island of Liso. There is no rust in these houses and there is no fear of getting insects. Even in a disaster like an earthquake, houses made of eelgrass stand firmly. There are many such houses on the island of Leso in Denmark. These houses made using seaweed last for many generations. Unique houses like this are being built since the 17th century.

house made of grass when there is a shortage of wood

Let us tell that the industry of making salt from the sea flourished on the island of Laiso and trees were cut very fast for the industry. Due to the rapid felling of trees, the supply of wood was reduced, only then the work of building houses with seagrass started.

Being situated in the middle of the sea, this island got one more advantage. Very often a ship or a ship would become a victim of an accident at sea and would break down and hit the shore of the island. In such a situation, people started building their houses by collecting these woods and used seaweed for the roofs.

However, in the year 1920, a fungal infection occurred in seagrass. Since then, people started to stop using algae. Gradually these houses became so few that today there are only 36 such houses on the island with a population of 1800 people, whose roofs are made of algae.

In the year 2012, the construction of such houses started again, which has been explained in detail in a BBC report. 'Ealgrass' is that special variety of seaweed, which is used in house making.

Eelgrass is considered very special because it does not catch fire, nor can it rust, nor is there any fear of insects. The most important thing is that eelgrass absorbs carbon dioxide, in this way people living in homes do not need any air purifiers.