Ajab-Gazab : Story of a ruthless woman from Russia, who brutally murdered many people after her husband's death


There are many such women in history, who are famous all over the world for one reason or the other. Although people usually get popularity due to good deeds, today we are going to tell you about a woman who was known for her cruelty. She had become a widow at a young age, but people could hardly forget her 'face' that came after that.

Actually, the name of the woman we are talking about was Nikolaevna Saltykova. Saltykova, born in 1730, was the daughter-in-law of a wealthy Russian family. It was only a few years after her marriage that due to some reason her husband died in the year 1755. At that time Saltykova was only 25 years old. After the death of her husband, she got a huge property as an inheritance and more than 600 servants, with whom she started living a life of luxury.

It is said that with immense wealth Nikolaevna Saltykova became the richest widow of Moscow at that time. Before the death of her husband, she was considered a very religious and kind woman, but after that, there was a change in her that crossed all limits of barbarism and the reason behind this change is believed to be a love affair.

In fact, after the death of her husband, Saltykova began to feel quite alone. In the meantime, she got acquainted with a man and later the two fell in love, but one-day Saltykova came to know that her lover was also having an affair with another woman, whom he had secretly married. Saltykova was deeply shocked by this news and in a fit of rage, she hit her lover so much that he became dead. However, somehow his life was saved. This was the beginning of Saltykova's barbarism. After this, she started taking out her anger on her female servants.

Saltykova's brutality increased so much that she started showing cruelty to girls and pregnant women too. She would break their bones by beating them or pour boiling water on their bodies. Even if this did not satisfy her heart, she would have killed him by beating him. It is said that by doing this he committed more than 100 murders.

Now that Saltykova was a wealthy woman, she also had access to powerful members of the marriage court. Therefore, whenever someone complained about his barbarity in the palace, his words would be ignored. But when a large number of victims' families created a ruckus, the matter reached the Queen of Russia, Catherine II. He then ordered an inquiry.

Saltykova was arrested in 1762. He was found guilty of killing 38 servants. Although 138 suspected deaths were confirmed in the investigation, all the evidence could not be found. Now since there was no 'death penalty in Russia at that time, Saltykova was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was kept chained in a dark room. There was not even a window in that room. She was imprisoned in that room for about 11 years, after which she was shifted to another place, where she died on 27 December 1801 at the age of 71.