Ajab-Gazab : 5 strange decorations of the world, some were punished for watching cartoons, while some were punished for listening to music


Special laws have been made for crime control in every country of the world. Any criminal is definitely punished under the law for his crime, whether that crime is small or big. A criminal has to pay a fine for the offense committed by him, while a criminal has to spend some time in jail. But just imagine, what would happen if a criminal was given a strange punishment for his crime? Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about some such strange punishments, knowing about which you will be surprised.

A 25-year-old man living in Andalusia, Spain, brought the matter to court after his parents stopped giving him pocket money. However, the court on the contrary sentenced him that within the next 30 days he will have to leave his parents' house and stand on his own feet.

In 2003, two boys living in Chicago, USA, stole and damaged a statue of Jesus Christ from the church on Christmas Eve. Found guilty of this crime, both were sentenced to 45 days in jail. Apart from this, he was also ordered to march with a donkey to his hometown.

According to the BBC report, in 2008, Andrew Vector was fined 120 pounds for listening to loud music in his car. He was listening to his favorite 'rap' in the car. However, the judge later said he would reduce the fine to £30, provided that Vector had to listen to the classical music of Beethoven, Bach, and Schopen for 20 hours.

A friend of 17-year-old Tyler Allred, who lived in Oklahoma, USA, was killed in an accident caused by drunk driving. This incident is from the year 2011. Since Tyler was in high school at the time, the court sentenced him to go to church for 10 years, in addition to finishing high school and graduating, getting drug, alcohol, and nicotine tests for one year.

A man named David Berry, living in Missouri, USA, hunted hundreds of deer. In 2018, finding him guilty of this crime, the court sentenced him to a year in prison for watching Disney's Bambi cartoon at least once a month.