Ajab-Gajab : The story of a railway station which does not have any name, the reason behind it is very interesting.


Indian Railways is the second-largest rail network in Asia. Not only this, Indian Railways is the fourth-largest rail network in the world in terms of single state ownership. The total number of railway stations in India is around 8000. There are many such railway stations, which are quite famous for some reason. Every railway station in our country has its own name and station code, which identifies it. But today we will tell you about such a unique railway station in India, which has no identity of its own. This station has no name.

You must be surprised to know that how can such a thing happen. So let us tell you that this railway station is located in West Bengal, which has no name of its own. This station is located at a distance of about 35 kilometers from Bardhaman in West Bengal.

Situated on the Bankura-Masgram rail line, this station lies between two villages Raina and Rainagarh. Initially, this station was known as Rainagarh. The people of Raina village did not like this thing. Because the building of this station was constructed on the land of Raina village.

The people of Raina village believed that the station should be named Raina instead of Rainagarh. A quarrel started between the two villagers regarding this matter. Now the quarrel over the name of the station has reached the Railway Board.

After the quarrel, the Indian Railways erased the name of the station from all the signboards installed here, due to which passengers coming from outside have to face a lot of trouble.

Since the station does not have a name of its own, commuters suffer a lot. However, the railways still issue tickets to the station under its old name, Rainagarh.