Ajab-Gajab: A person dies as soon as he comes in contact with this temple, you will be shocked to know the reason


There are many mysterious places in the world. They have their history. Today we are going to give you information about such a temple in the world, near which a person dies.

Do not be surprised, this temple is not in India but the ancient city of Hierapolis in Turkey. This very ancient temple is called the gate of hell by the people. It is said that far from going inside this temple located in the ancient city of Hierapolis, Turkey, even a person who goes near does not come back.

As soon as it comes in contact, from humans to animals and birds die. However, scientists have found out the secret behind it. According to scientists, poisonous carbon dioxide gas continuously leaks out from under the temple. For this reason, humans and animals and birds die here.

According to scientists, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas has been found in the cave located under the Turkish temple. Usually, only 10 percent of this gas can put a person to sleep in just 30 minutes. Whereas in this cave, the amount of carbon dioxide is 91 percent.