Airbags open at a speed of 350 km per hour, know how it saves lives and why it is important


Airbags have been made compulsory in all cars from October 1, 2019, following the government order. This was done so that car passengers could safely reach their homes. Airbags open rapidly with an explosion before any accident, causing minimal injury to passengers. Let's know how the airbag works ...

What is an airbag?

First of all, it is important to know what is an airbag? From the steering wheel of any vehicle to the dashboard and doors, many parts of the car are fitted with airbags. Airbags open at a speed of about 350 km per hour at the time of an accident.

Airbags get signals before the collision

Image result for airbag in carAirbags open depending on the speed of the car. The speed of the car is 30 to 40 km/h when these airbags open. The speed of opening of airbags can vary from company to company. Its sensors start working even before they collide with anything.

Is airbag safe?

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Airbags are necessary for the car for the safety of passengers. If it is not, then the person riding in it can suffer serious injuries. A car usually has an airbag, but in luxury cars, it can be up to seven.