After applying the skincare product, your skin feels sticky, know the real reason for it


Usually, women use many types of skincare products to take care of their skin. By the way, skincare products are meant to hydrate and moisturize your skin, not leaving it feeling greasy or sticky. But if your skin feels smooth and sticky after applying your skincare products, then there is something wrong.

Usually, after applying the skin care product to the skin, it takes some time to become absorbed in the skin. But if the skin looks sticky-sticky even after five minutes of applying the skincare product, then of course you should know why exactly this is happening. Because sticky skin will attract extra dirt from the surroundings. Especially, if your skin is oily, then this problem can make you more nervous. So, today we are telling you about the reasons, because of which your skin looks sticky after applying skincare product-

Over product

Portion size matters a lot when it comes to skincare. Using too much of a product will not give you faster or much better results. Since your skin can absorb only a few products, applying more products will leave it on your skin and make you feel sticky. So you must use every product in your skincare routine, from sunscreen to night cream, in the right proportions.

Using the wrong product

Every skin type is different and therefore the needs of each skin are also different. In such a situation, choosing the wrong product can make your skin sticky as well as cause many other problems. For example, if your skin is oily and you are choosing a product for dry skin, then your skin problems will increase. Also, it will be difficult to absorb the product for the skin. So whenever it comes to skincare products, it is very important to use the right formula and ingredients.

Not applying in the correct order

To care for the skin, we need not one, but many products. It may be that it may seem easy to apply one product after another, but in reality, it is not so. If you apply your skincare product in the right order, then only you will get enough benefit from it. For example, the moisturizer is thicker than the serum, and so if you apply the moisturizer before the serum, the serum will not get inside your pores, making it more sticky. In this case, your skin will look more sticky.

Using an Expired Product

There can be a no bigger mistake in this skincare routine. Although we often do this. For example, if the skincare product that you have been using so far has suddenly started to look sticky and greasy on your skin, then it may be that it has now expired. So, first of all, you check his expired date. Apart from this, keeping the skincare product directly in sunlight also makes a difference in its texture and efficiency. So always store skincare products in a cool place.