After all, why this disease of women is increasing in men


Changes in hormones in the body occur with aging, both in women and men. But in the case of women, it is seen that they have to be more than the changes in hormones. Like this, most women have to cope with this problem due to changes in hormones like thyroid. However, it is not the case that thyroid disease occurs only in women. Men also have to face this problem, but this is rare. However, in the last few years, thyroid problems are increasing rapidly in men.

Health experts also believe that thyroid problems are slightly less likely for men than women. But nowadays poor lifestyle has become a serious cause of this problem. Ignorance and bad habits towards men's health are causing this disease.

Why is thyroid disease increasing in men?

Mostly it has been observed that men do not take proper care of their work and eating habits. Men are experiencing thyroid disease due to night shift, late-night computer work, high stress, running away from yoga and exercise, and smoking and alcohol habits.

Ways to avoid thyroid

Both women and men should take full care of their health to avoid thyroid. If there is a history of thyroid in someone's family, then they must undergo a checkup after 35 years. Try to stay away from stress, as well as include meditation and exercise in your daily routine.

Obesity does not only increase thyroid, but there are also more problems

Most people are aware that thyroid causes obesity. But this is not always necessary. In some people, the body starts to get lean due to thyroid. Such people suddenly lose weight when they have thyroid and do not mind eating anything. Frequent thyroid neglect leads to other diseases.