After all, why is a red strip made on the cover of medicines? Pay special attention when buying


Most of us, after falling ill, go straight to the medical store instead of going to the doctor and buy medicines for that disease without thinking anything. Sometimes people get cured with these medicines, but sometimes it has to suffer serious consequences as well. If you have noticed, you must have noticed that a red bandage is made on the leaves of many medicines. But do you know the meaning of this bandage?

Doctors know better about this red bandage. But ordinary people do not have any specific information about it. In such a situation, people buy any medicine from the medical shops without the advice of the doctors, and instead of finding a solution to the problem, the trouble increases. Therefore, it is important to take a lot of care while buying medicines.

Actually, the red color bandage on the leaves of medicines means that the medicine can neither be sold nor used without a doctor's advice without a prescription. To prevent the wrong use of antibiotics, medicines are put on a red color bandage.

Apart from the red stripe, many other useful things are written on the leaves of medicines, which is also very important to know about. Some medicines have Rx written on their leaves, which means that the medicine should be taken only with the advice of a doctor.

The leaves of medicines on which NRx is written means that only those doctors who are licensed for the drug can be advised to take that medicine. XRx is also written on the leaves of some medicines and this means that the medicine can only be taken from the doctor. The doctor can give this medicine directly to the patient. The patient cannot buy it from any medical store. Even if he has a prescription written by a doctor?