After all, why donkey's milk is sold for Rs 5000 a kg, know what is so special about it?


The donkey is considered the most stupid animal and we do not give much importance to it. They are used only for carrying goods. But you may not be aware that the milk of a female donkey is very beneficial and beneficial. It is so expensive that you cannot even imagine. Even though they are not being reared in India, they are being followed in many countries for their milk.

In such a situation, know the special things related to donkey's milk, which you hardly know…

According to a BBC report, donkey's milk has less protein and fat content than human milk but high lactose. Products are also being prepared using it in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Donkey's milk also contains lactose, vitamin A, B-1, B-2, B-6, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

A donkey cannot give more than 1 kg of milk in a day. For this, it is also necessary to take care of their good eating habits. They should be provided with proper nutritional food. Its price is very high. It is being sold in many foreign countries and according to Indian currency, it sells there for around Rs 5000.