After all, why do rabbits eat their own feces?


Eating your own feces by rabbits is a very important process for better health. Let the rabbit be an organism whose digestive system is not well developed. This organism spends most of its life eating grass, due to which many essential nutrients from the rabbit's body come out without digestion. In such a situation, the rabbits eat it again and digest more and more nutrients.

This condition of rabbits is exactly the same as that of most quadruped animals such as cows and buffaloes by bringing their food back to the mouth and digesting it. Rabbits have two types of feces, the first liquid and the second hard. Liquid feces are called cecotropes, which are rich in nutrients. Rabbits eat it and digest the nutrients and thereafter they give up hard stools.

Cicotropes means twice as many nutrients in the liquid feces of rabbits than hard stools. It contains Vitamin K and Vitamin B12. If rabbits will not eat cecotropes, most of the nutrients will be released from their body without being digested.

Actually, rabbits are vegetarian animals, which eat only vegetables or grass. In such a situation, fiber is very important for their body. The rabbit is an organism whose digestive system, working very fast at night, ejects a lot of food without digesting it. Due to this, the sacrotrop ie liquid stools are sacrificed at night and they also eat it at the same time. They digest liquid stool completely and take it out like hard stool.

In the animal world rabbit is not the only animal that eats its feces. Such a tendency is found in small rats and guinea pig equine Khai herbivorous animals. By the way, there are many such creatures on earth who also eat the feces of others. Such animals are very beneficial for the environment.