After all, why do Kolkata Police wear a white uniform instead of Khaki?


In our country, the color of the police uniform is khaki, all of us have seen this. But if you must have been to Kolkata, you would have noticed that the police there are wearing white uniforms. Have you ever thought that when police across the country wear khaki color uniforms, then why do Kolkata Police wear white uniforms? Today Hmmm will tell you through this article why Kolkata Police wear a white uniform?

Khaki uniforms and white uniforms have been in existence since the British era. When the police were formed in the British Raj, their police used to wear a white uniform, but they soon became dirty while doing duty for a long time. For this reason, policemen started painting the uniform in different colors to prevent it from getting dirty quickly.

Due to the different colors applied to the white uniform, the uniforms of the jawans started showing different colors. In such a situation, it was difficult to recognize that the person is a policeman. To get rid of this problem, the British officers made a khaki color uniform, so that it does not become dirty soon.

In the year 1847, the British officer Sir Harry Lumsden officially adopted the khaki color uniform for the first time. Since then, this khaki has become the uniform of the Indian police, which is still standing. You will be surprised to know that the police in West Bengal wears a khaki uniform, but the Kolkata police there is white.

At that time the Kolkata Police was also offered to wear a khaki color uniform, but they rejected it. The reason behind this is that Kolkata is a coastal region and it is very hot and humid. In such a situation, white color is better from a scientific point of view, because this color reflects sunlight and does not cause much heat.