After all, why bats hang in reverse! You will be surprised to know the reason


You will often see bats flying at night, how they fly fast in the dark of night and hang upside down on the tree at night time. Then you must have posed the question that why bats hang upside down on trees? Today we are going to tell you about this.

So one of the reasons behind this is that due to the reverse, they can fly very easily. Indeed, bats, like the rest of the birds, are not able to fly from the ground, because their wings do not raise as much as they need to fly. Apart from this, their hind legs are short and not fully developed.

At the same time, they also have a vampire species which is completely dependent on blood.

Their heart rate can beat up to 18 times per minute at bedtime. At the same time, his heart rate reaches 880 when awake. According to scientists, bats used to live on the earth even in the era of dinosaurs, about 100 million years ago.