After all, what is so special that this comic sold for 24 crores, the reason is very surprised


Everyone reads a comic in their childhood and spends their free time reading the comic. In childhood, all the comics used to bring comics by exchanging comics or collecting money from their savings. Even today, if you talk about comics, then it becomes available at cheap prices. But today in this episode, we are going to tell you about one such unique comic, whose price will be surprised, everyone. The comic we are talking about is sold for 24 crores.

Yes, according to online auction company, the comic book that brought Superman character to the world has been sold for around 24 crores. Let us also tell you that earlier in the year 2014 also this comic was sold very expensive, which was sold for around $ 32 lakh. Vincent Zurzolo, COO of the website, says that the comic was published in 1938.

Due to this, if one is seen, then in a way, the identity of Superman was started here. At the same time, if a report is accepted, then the seller of it has also gained a lot. Yes, he has gained more than 1 lakh dollars on this, and now only 100 copies of this comic are left. Now everyone's senses are blown to hear this news. The one who is listening to this news is surprised. By the way, it is a difficult task to combat the fan following of Superman.