After all, what happened in Berlin that women protested topless and men wore bras


It is everyone's right to protest and what method you adopt for this matters a lot. In Germany's capital Berlin, a protest has been in the headlines for raising gender equality. Here women protested topless while men wore bras and protested.

For information, let us tell you that these people were demanding gender equality. Their anger is against a police action in which a French woman was evicted from a city water park for sunbathing topless.

According to reports, the French woman had gone to the swim park with a friend and two children. Then she was wearing a swimsuit, but after some time the woman started taking sunbath topless there, which the guards protested. This angered many people. Due to this, the women involved in the demonstration had also got slogans like 'My Body, My Choice' written on their bodies.

In protest, men themselves demonstrated wearing bras, while women went topless and toured the city with slogans like 'Free the Boobs' and 'My Body, My Choice' on their bodies.