After all, how old is the history of the selfie, know more interesting things related to it


In today's time, the craze of selfies is visible to everyone. The improving quality of the evolving mobile phone and its camera has encouraged people to take pictures of themselves. But do you know about the history of selfies? You will be surprised to know that the world's first selfie was taken a century and a half ago.

The world's first selfie was taken in 1850. However, it is not a selfie glowing like it is today, but a self-portrait. This selfie is by Swedish art photographer Oscar Gustave Rejlender. Let us know that this self-portrait was auctioned by Morphets of Harrogate in North Yorkshire for £ 70,000 or about Rs 66.5 lakh.

This is also a claim

By the way, there is also a claim that the first selfie was taken in 1839. The selfie was captured by American photographer Robert Cornelius. He tried to take his photo with his camera.

What is a selfie?

A selfie taken from a mobile phone is commonly called a selfie. But the prevalence of this word has increased a lot in the last few years. The term selfie was first used on 13 September 2002 by the Australian website Forum ABC Online. Time magazine ranked the word selfie among the 10 original words of 2012. In 2013, the Oxford Dictionary declared the word selfie as Word of the Year.

Selfie-taking is believed to have started in 2011 when a monkey of a Macau species took a selfie in Indonesia by pressing the camera button of British wildlife photographer David Slattery.