After a year and a half, the woman returned to see if the family was jailed for her murder


Often we get to see such things in daily life, about which the knowledge is very surprising. Something similar was seen in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, where a woman returned after a year and a half only to see if the family was jailed for her murder. Amroha police had failed to solve the case of the woman's disappearance. Therefore, the police had put the woman's father Suresh, brother Roop Kishore, and a relative Dinesh in jail in December 2019 for her honor killing.

The police claimed that they had confessions from the accused, along with a desi pistol and clothes of the missing woman. The murder victim arrived in her village last week only to find out whether three of her family members were in jail. The woman said that she was staying in Delhi with her boyfriend after leaving home. The SHO who led the murder investigation has now been suspended and a committee has been set up to investigate the case.

The SP said, the woman will be produced in the court, where her statement will be recorded. The investigation has been started in the case of Additional Superintendent of Police. According to reports, the woman went missing in February 2019. Her family suspected that she may have eloped with her lover but after months of investigation, the local police arrested her father, brother, and a relative after registering a case of her murder. The family said the recovered clothes also did not belong to the allegedly missing woman.