Advice: How to treat corona patients at home? Ministry of Health has released new guidelines


Amid increasing cases of corona infection across the country, the Ministry of Health has issued a new guideline regarding home isolation measures for the treatment of mild symptoms of Kovid-19. This guideline advises people not to panic when symptoms of corona appear, as most people can cure the infection by staying at home by taking care of themselves. It has been said that people should first become isolated at home as soon as they see the first signs of infection. What to do after that, let's know about it ...

What to do in-home isolation?

According to the new guideline, patients should start treatment on the advice of a doctor if they experience symptoms like fever, cough, and runny nose. Patients should gargle with warm water and also recommended to steam twice a day.

According to the new guideline, patients should keep in touch with their doctor continuously and in any critical situation, the doctor should be informed immediately. If corona patients are already suffering from any disease, they can continue medication for that disease after consulting a doctor.

What to do if you have a fever?

Guidelines state that paracetamol should be taken at the doctor's advice if there is a fever, but if the fever does not subside even after taking paracetamol (650mg) four times a day, the patient should contact their doctor immediately. In such a situation, doctors may recommend taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), such as naproxen (250mg, twice a day).

What other medicines can I take?

According to the guideline, doctors may also advise a corona patient to take ivermectin tablets (200 mcg/kg, once daily on an empty stomach) for three to five days. Inhalational budesonide may be given if the patient continues with symptoms such as fever and/or cough even after five days. This medicine of 800 mcg can be given to the patient through an inhaler twice a day for 5 to 7 days.

Can patients take Remedisivir medicine at home?

According to the guideline, corona patients should not take remadecivir medication at home. It should be taken only on the advice of a doctor or in a hospital. If the patients feel difficulty in breathing or the oxygen level starts decreasing, contact the doctor immediately and get admitted to the hospital.

When should corona patients finish home isolation?

According to the guideline, on the day the patient first sees symptoms of the corona, they will be healthy for 10 days, during this time, also keep in mind that there has been no fever for the last three days. This means that if the patient does not notice the symptoms between the seventh day and the 10th day after the onset of symptoms, then they should understand that they have recovered from the corona. After this, there is no need to re-conduct the corona test. Despite this, however, keep in mind that for the next seven days, keep yourself separate from everyone, do not meet anyone.

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