Advice: Gas is produced in the stomach at night because of this, definitely do this work to avoid it.


Many people often feel restless while sleeping at night, feel flatulence, and are not able to sleep properly. If this happens to you too, then there may be gas in your stomach, due to which it is happening. This problem is common, but when it does, it keeps annoying. Sometimes gas also causes abdominal pain. Let us know why gas is formed in the stomach at night and what should be done to avoid it?

Causes of stomach gas at night

If you have eaten more than you need to eat at night, then it is likely that there will be gas in the stomach and it will put you in trouble. Therefore, keep in mind that always eat a balanced amount of food during the night, which is easy to digest.

If you have eaten high fiber foods (beans, peas, broccoli, bananas, apples, avocados) at night, then there may be a gas problem, because eating high fiber food takes time to digest. Therefore, try not to eat such things at night, which are rich in fiber.

What to do to avoid stomach gas at night?

After having dinner, walk for at least 20-25 minutes. It is also healthy in terms of health and it does not hurt to digest food. If you want a good night's sleep without any trouble, make a habit of walking regularly.

Sometimes drinking less water also causes gas problems at night. That's why you should drink water throughout the day, as well as after dinner, drink a couple of glasses of water and sleep sometime after that. This will not cause gas problems and will also result in good sleep.

Do not sit in the same place for a long time after having dinner at night, as this may cause gas problems. Because of Corona, many people are still working from home and working till late at night, such people especially keep this in mind.

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