Advice: Follow these four rules, you will be healthy for whole life!


In today's time when diseases are spread around the world and especially the corona epidemic, in such a situation, we need to make our lifestyle healthy. Today every person in the world is struggling with some kind of health-related problem. People have become so busy in this run-of-the-mill life that they neither have time to eat properly nor sleep. Because of this, the mental health of people is also affected. In such a situation, it is important that we make small changes in our diet and lifestyle and take steps towards healthy living throughout our life. Let's know about those five rules which you must follow.

Have a healthy diet

It is very important to have a healthy diet full of protein and vitamins for a healthy life. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich foods in your diet. Since it is summertime, eat a balanced diet, otherwise, it can be harmful to health.

have a good sleep

If you want to keep yourself healthy throughout life, then it is important that you get good sleep. Good sleep relieves both physical and mental fatigue. It has been found in many studies that lack of sleep can cause many diseases including obesity and heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

Stay away from stress

Stress can cause many diseases. Actually, when we start taking pressure off everything and thinking negatively about every aspect of life, then a situation of tension arises. When a person is under extreme stress, he may have to face frequent headaches and stiffness. So stay away from stress as much as possible.

Do exercise

Exercise is very important to keep the body healthy always. It helps prevent stress and improves mental health. Apart from this, it also increases immunity and also helps in reducing weight. It also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Note: Priya Pandey is a qualified and experienced dietician. He took the CSJM of Kanpur BSc in Human Nutrition from University Have done He has worked as a dietitian at Abha Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur. He has also attended GSVM Medical College as a representative of the subject of nutrition lectures. He has a long experience of 8 years in this field.

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