According to Vastu Shastra, such things should not be kept at home ...


In Vastu Shastra, not only directions have importance, but what things should be in the house and which should not be, also has a lot of importance. In such a situation, ignoring some things at home can also increase your problem. If there are Vastu related defects at home, the people living there may face many problems.

The walls of the house are very important in Vastu. Members living in homes where the walls are chopped off or their plaster and paint are uprooted have many types of diseases.

Pooja houses built in the kitchen are not considered good according to Vastu Shastra. This causes Vastu defects. This leads to a lack of love and lack of money among the family members.

According to Vastu science, a pigeon nest in the house is considered an inauspicious sign. Apart from this, if the bee or wasp in the corners of the walls of the house is placed in the house then remove it. Their being in the house is inauspicious.

Spider web should not be allowed in the house. According to Vastu science, this increases confusion and trouble.

If there is a mirror or broken glass in the house, then leave it outside the house. According to Vastu science, there is a communication of negative energy from it.

The entry of bats into the house is considered inauspicious. According to Vastu science, the arrival of bats in the house is a sign of numbness. This means people living in the house can leave the house or something bad can happen in the house.

Do not let junk and waste things stay on the roof of the house. Also, the stale flowers should not be collected in the house of worship.