According to Vastu Shastra, money does not stay at home for making 7 such mistakes


Often we all experience one thing that suddenly the hard-earned money starts to cost more. This expense is increased on useless, lending to someone or treatment of diseases. Apart from this, disturbance, fighting, and negativity dominate in place of peace in the house. Work begins to deteriorate and failure starts in every job. The sudden increase of such incidents in Vastu Shastra is due to negative energy and Vastu dosha spreading around your house and surroundings. Money is often not able to survive due to some Vastu defects. Let's know the reason for this Vastu Dosha ...

Continuous water wastage in the house, such as unnecessary water flow from home tanks, continuous water dripping from tap basins is considered inauspicious in Vastu. This weakens the moon, causing money loss and health problems.

Watches kept at home should never be stopped. This expands negative energy in the house and leads to long success in any task.

The main gate of the house should always be kept clean and beautiful. This place should always be illuminated in the evening. It is considered inauspicious to keep darkness here.

Dried plants are considered a symbol of despair in Vastu, they hinder growth. If you have planted plants in the courtyard of your home, then take proper care of them.

According to Vastu, the mouth of the bathroom and kitchen drainage pipes in the north, east or north-east are considered auspicious.

There should not be a bathroom in front of or next to the kitchen. This causes negative energy in your house, the negativity that reaches the kitchen can give trouble to your whole house.

There should not be any tree, electric pole, or big stone just in front of the house. This always leads to money loss and negative spreads.