According to Ayurveda, bring these changes in your routine, know the opinion of experts


We often change our routine to stay healthy and fit. Many times it happens that we take a bath after eating food and then fall victim to disease, but according to Ayurveda we should not take a bath after eating food. In our daily routine, we do many things which are harmful to our health. Here you can adopt the tips given by Dr. VaralakshmiYanamandra, who according to Ayurveda takes care of your health and improves your routine.

Taking a bath after dinner

Dr. Varalakshmi told on her Instagram that according to Ayurveda you should never take a bath after eating food. Because when we eat food, it is hot and after bathing with water, the body cools down which can cause cold and heat. If you take a bath after eating, then the victims of diseases can happen quickly, so you always walk for a while after eating food, which improves your digestive system.

Eat yogurt at night

Many people like to eat yogurt along with dinner at night, but according to Ayurveda, it can be harmful to your health. Doctor Varalakshmi told that you should never eat curd at night, it can spoil your health. If you also like to eat curd with dinner, then change it today and you can have pickle or chutney as a snack.

Don't sleep during the day

People often feel sleepy after lunch, but this habit is not good at all. Doctor Varalakshmi told that you should not sleep during the day after eating food, because by doing this your digestive system starts deteriorating. To digest food, you should walk for some time and avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Instead of sleeping in the afternoon, you should do some physical activity, so that you can sleep better at night.

Honey and hot water

Doctor Varalakshmi says that you should never drink hot water with honey because honey loses its nutrition and it becomes like a poison. If you want to include honey in your diet, then raw and natural honey should be eaten. If you take honey with hot water, it would be better to change this habit today. According to Ayurveda, you should use honey to balance Kapha, which also relieves colds and colds.

Exercise during periods

Many myths and truths are talked about exercising during periods. But Dr. Varalakshmi said that you should not exercise during periods because this causes Vatadosha to worsen. Varalakshmi said that you should not do exercises in periods unless the doctor advises you. Exercise will be right from the time the bleeding stops. Apart from this, you can walk for some time and include healthy foods in the routine.

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