A special coincidence is becoming on Holi!


The countrymen wait for the festival of colors Holi every year. This festival is celebrated with great pomp for two days from tomorrow. However, because of the increasing infection of the coronavirus in the country this time, the Holi festival will have to be especially cautious.

On the occasion of Holi, people celebrate each other by applying Gulal and Abir. The festival of Holi is celebrated as a symbol of good over evil. This time the significance of the festival of Holi has increased because this time there is a special coincidence on the festival of Holi, which comes after 499 years.

On Holi, Moon will be in Virgo, and Saturn and Guru will be in Capricorn. The festival of Holi is celebrated every year on the full moon date of the month of Falgun. This time at the festival of Holi, people will have to take special care of the Corona Guideline.