A rare black tiger is seen in the jungles of Odisha, captured in the camera


An amateur photographer wandering in the forests of Odisha was able to capture pictures of a rare species of tiger in the camera. The color of this tiger was black, which is completely different from normal tigers. According to scientists, this species of tiger is called the melanistic tiger, which is on the verge of extinction. There are only 7 to 8 such tigers left in the entire state. Please tell that 70 percent of the black tiger population around the world lives in Odisha.

Black stripes are formed due to a genetic defect

The black stripes on the body of the melanistic tiger are due to genetic defects. The tigers of this rare species are found only in Odisha in India. However, the number of these tigers is rapidly decreasing. The Tiger Census report of 2018 states that the number of black-striped tigers has decreased drastically.

Significantly, in February last year, Soumen Bajpai, a resident of West Bengal, was bird watching in Nandankanan, Odisha. On the trees in the forest, Soumen was watching a variety of birds and monkeys. During this time he saw a tiger, which was not like a normal tiger. Soumen did not know anything about the melanistic tiger before.

Soumen immediately captured the pictures of this rare tiger in his digital camera. Currently, the pictures of this black tiger are becoming quite viral on social media after surfacing on Instagram.

For the first time, in 1993, the presence of Melanistic tigers was reported in Odisha's Simlipal Tiger Reserve. According to data collected from the camera trap, there are only seven to eight melanistic tigers in India today.