A mysterious village in the world, where the visitor never returned from


This world is full of mysteries. There are many mysterious places on earth, about which very few people know. Today we are going to tell you about one such unique village, which is said that whoever went there never came back. This mysterious village is also called the 'city of the dead'.

Actually, the village is in the Dargavs of North Ossetia, Russia. This area is very deserted. No one comes to this place because of fear. This village, hidden amidst high mountains, has about 99 cellars in white stone, where the local people buried the bodies of their families. Some of these houses are also four stories.

These tombs are said to have been built in the 16th century. It is a huge cemetery. It is said that every building belongs to a family, in which only members of that family are buried.

Not only this, there are various beliefs among the locals about this place. They believe that the visitor to these slum buildings never comes back. However, occasional tourists keep coming to learn the secret of this place.

The way to reach this place is also very difficult. It takes about three hours to reach here through the narrow paths between the hills. The weather here is also always bad, which is a huge hindrance to travel. According to archaeologists, boats have been found near the tombs here. There is a belief among the locals about the boat that the soul has to cross the river to reach heaven, so the dead bodies were kept on the boat and buried.

Archaeologists have also found a well in front of every cellar, which is said to have been used to throw coins in the well after burying their relatives here. If the coin collided with the stones on the floor, it meant that the soul reached heaven.