A mol on the right leg makes you travel abroad


There is a special meaning of having a mole or any mark on the body. According to oceanography, these special marks tell us a lot about that person. In such a situation, today we tell you the meaning of the mole of the soles of the feet and behind the scar. According to experts, if there is a mole on the soles of the feet, it makes someone travel abroad and one gets the benefit of all the comforts. So let's know in detail about these mole marks ...

Mole on foot

According to samastrashastra, if a person has a mole on the soles of his feet, that person can be vulnerable to diseases. According to experts, if there is a mark of a circle, coil, or hook on the sole, then that person is very lucky. He can become the ruler of a nation. Also, such a scar is on the feet of very few and lucky people.

Mole on the right leg

Having a mole on anyone's right travels a lot. He tours the country and abroad for business. This gives him a lot of financial benefits.

Mole on the left leg

These people also get many opportunities to travel. But their journey is not purposeful. We can like this person like to hang out with family and friends. He also enjoys his travels with them.

Mole on the right foot

If there is a mole in the heel of your right foot, you can consider yourself lucky. It is considered very auspicious. These individuals get the opportunity to roam abroad.

No regalia in the right leg

According to oceanography, having regalia in one's right foot is considered auspicious. Such people get everything easily. They do not have to face many difficulties or troubles with anything. His life is pleasant and happy.

Mole on thumb

People who have a mole on their toes. They are very devoted to their work. They talk with everyone in love and well. Being fair, these people do not tolerate wrongs with anyone. Also always standing for them.