A meteorite weighing 2.78 kg dropped in Rajasthan, Jalore


In Sanchore town of Jalore, there was an atmosphere of chaos in the people on Friday morning. Actually, a meteorite weighing 2.78 kg has dropped here. There was a crowd of people watching. Sanchore Thanadikari Arvind Kumar said that at 7 am, it was reported that a bright stone had dropped from Gayatri College with a loud sound from the sky. Upon reaching there, a piece of black colored metal was sunk into the ground at a depth of about 4-5 feet. This piece was quite hot at that time.

At the same time, the people present there to say that they saw a piece falling down with a bright glow from the sky. There was a loud explosion as it fell down. When this meteorite cools down, the police have placed it in a glass jar. Police say it will be shown to experts.

What does science say?

Sometimes the objects that appear in the sky moving from one side to another or falling on the earth are called 'meteor' and 'tut ta tara' or 'Luka'. The fraction of meteors that reach the Earth after escaping from burning in the atmosphere is called a meteorite. Meteors can be seen in countless numbers each night, but the number of bodies that fall on the earth is very small. Scientifically, they are very important because they are very rare, on the other, they are the only sources of direct knowledge of the organization and structure of different planets, etc., while wandering in the sky. By studying them, we also get a sense of what the reactions are on the matter coming from the sky in the global environment. Thus these bodies establish a link between cosmology and geology.